About Me

(in about 681 words)


I am a graduate student pursuing my Master of Science in Computer Science Degree at the Georgia Institute of Technology specializing in Computing Systems. I will be graduating in May 2023.

Woven Planet Experience :

As a big believer in Autonomous Vehicles, the internship at Woven Planet was a blessing in disguise. I was a software engineering intern at Woven Planet in the ML Frameworks team which provided the platform for model training, distributed data processing, ETL and so on. The company used Spark as distributed processing platform for the ML workloads. This caused problem in debugging as ML engineers do not essentially have systems knowledge. The overhead for spark cluster creation and teardown was high. My internship project was about using Flyte Map tasks as an alternative to Spark workloads which made the process lightweight and easy to debug. I worked with multiple diverse teams of extremely talented engineers and learned a ton!

Freshworks Experience :

At Freshworks, I worked in the Channels Platform team which works predominantly on building a unified reliable omnichannel platform for communication channels such as Whatapp, Apple Business Chat (ABC), Google Business Messages (GBM), and SMS. I was working on novel feature development for channels like Whatsapp, SMS, ABC and GBM which directly impacted thousands of customers! I managed the AWS infrastructure (EKS Setup, ALB, SQS, Kafka) and weekly rollouts for all regions. As much as I enjoyed working in an energetic cross-functional team remotely, I missed the amazing office space of Freshworks. Thanks to COVID!

I enjoyed transitioning from kind of a laid back big-tech work culture at Samsung into a startup environment at Freshworks. The adrenaline rush which I got from tight deadlines, complete ownership of my microservices, prod level hotfixes and hackathons were simply unbeatable.

Samsung Experience:

At Samsung, I was working as an engineer in Modem Systems team for 4G/NR Devices. I worked on critical system domains such as memory management, resource allocation in BSP. I was lucky to have mentors and managers who were passionate about ongoing projects and publishing research patents. From being a mere listener in patent brainstorming sessions, I became an active contributor and implemented proof-of-concepts for two A1 patents. (You can view them on the Resume Page).

On top of giving the opportunity to work on state-of-the-art 5G modem tech with a group of highly skilled individuals, Samsung also helped me strike off countries from my bucket list! As an expat in Samsung Electronics Canada and South Korea, I was involved in tackling operator specific modem conformance issues and collaborating with engineering counterparts during the first-ever 5G smartphone launches in the respective countries. Working in the 5G labs of these countries was a dream come true for me.


  • I was an active volunteer at the Youth Red Cross (YRC) in college during my undergraduate degree. This role included visits to nearby hospitals to act as student volunteers, conduct/ participate in blood donation camps etc.

  • I was Fundraising Volunteer at Make A Difference (MAD) in Bangalore where I was involved in Enabling CFR, community outreach for the Bangalore chapter. I facilitated as the Lead SPOLO(Sponsorship and Logistics) volunteer during MAD Dream camp in 2019.

  • I served as a Foundational Skills Volunteer (FSV) at Make A Difference (MAD) Bangalore where I was teaching elementary school curriculum and essential life skills to 12 children between 6 and 14 years of age in several shelter homes to provide equitable outcomes.


  • I was the placement coordinator for the computer science department and was incharge of logistics and university-companies relationships at the CUIC (Centre for University-Industry Collaboration), Anna University. Roles include organizing placement drives for various companies and coordinating with students attending placements and helping them to secure positions in top companies.

  • I was the workshop head for Computer Science department symposium - 'Prayatna', where I organized the 'Computer Graphics and Game Development' workshop, 'VR and AR' workshop and multiple coding contests. This yearly event is participate by multiple students from various colleges in India.